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Bath Renos That Will Pay You Back Big Time!

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Bathroom design mistakes to avoid & 7 clever ways to fix

These bathroom design mistakes are easily fixable, and experts explain how




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90 Bathroom Design Ideas:

To Make Your Own Oasis

From simple style updates to major makeovers.

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Inflation & Mortgage Rate Increases Can't Stop a Strong

2022 Outlook for Bath Projects

“Despite some economic headwinds, kitchen and bath remodeling demand remains strong.” Other report findings: The report also found ...

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The Best Under Sink Storage Ideas of 2022 in Bathrooms

Lazy Suzanne, Pull Out Storage,

Floating Cabinet Door Shelves & More...

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Summer Renovations ~ Bath Remodeling

In 2022 Bathroom Remodeling is IN!


The Best Way to Increase Your Bathroom Remodel Return on Investment (ROI)

If you’re planning on selling your home at any point in the near future, you’ll probably enjoy a higher ROI on the renovation work if you hire a licensed and experienced bathroom remodeler near you to complete the work.

How a Dreamy Claw-Foot

Tub Ruined My Life:

8 Reasons This Bathroom Trend Isn't Worth the Hype


Best Bath Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat

Creative bath décor will absolutely change the way you think of this key area of your home, whether you're building, remodeling, or just dreaming.


Did You Know? The Bath is One of

THE Best Renovations to

Add Value to Your Home!


8+ Easy Steps How to Turn Your

Bath Into A Relaxing Spa!


Bathroom Renovation Tip of the Week:

Stick to a Basic Plumbing Layout

FACT: Moving plumbing or making major changes to the layout of the room can add significant costs to your bath remodeling project.

Bathroom Plants:

7+ Best Houseplants For Your Bath

#Pothos #Bamboo #Spider Plant #Peace Lily

#Pink Polka Dot Plant #Air Plant #Snake Plant #Monstera Deliciosa


“Homeowners view "Tappable Equity" as an efficient means to boost renovation budgets & potentially

further increase home values,”

said leading mortgage advisers.

Experts see “exponential growth ahead for home equity solutions,” a trend that they predicted would offset interest-rate hikes, inflation, stock market declines and other economic reversals.

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